Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Southern Small Town Gems: Burton Brooks, Barney, Ga.

Photo Credit: Burton Brooks Facebook
If you've ever listened to a country song, then you know what living in Georgia is. Backroads, blue jean shorts, little tank tops and shotguns. Let's not forget the dog on the toolbox! 
But what the songs don't tell you about is the little small town gems that locals rave about. Down here in South Georgia we have one of the best hidden gems! 
It's famous for it's peaches, ice cream and my favorite, their lemonade! 

If you mention Burton Brooks in a conversation around here 99% of the people will say, "Oh yeah! They have the best peach ice cream!"  
In fact, The Farmer & I are getting married at a place in Barney and when people say, "Oh? Where's Barney?" My reply is usually, "Do you know where the Burton Brooks peach place is?" Then they automatically know.
Photo Credit: Burton Brooks Facebook
 My favorite thing here is the regular lemonade. I have trouble getting the time to drive over there but when my mom or some of my friends tell me they're going I always ask for them to bring me a lemonade. They have picnic tables out there too so be sure to take the kids and let them play between the trees while you eat your ice cream and take a trip back in time here on this beautiful farm. 

Burton Brooks Peaches is open every Summer. 

 May, June, & July everyday from 8 am to 8 pm. 
August, September, October & November closed Monday through Thursday and open 1pm to 6pm 
only on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. 

In the months of May, June and July Burton Brooks has locally grown peaches. 

They also have homemade jellies, jams, & dressings (available anytime).

They have homemade churn style peach, blueberry, strawberry, and butter pecan ice cream, fresh squeezed peach and strawberry lemonade and plenty of other goodies! (See photo below) 

Photo Credit: Burton Brooks Facebook

ALSO, The address is : 
16116 Adel Highway 76 (Located at the intersection of Highway 122 & Highway 76)
 Barney, Georgia 31625

UPDATE:: If you want to keep up with them and see when their ice cream and/or products are available check them out here on Facebook!

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