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The Survival Guide to Planting Season: Farm Wife Edition

Planting Season: Survival Guide for Farm Wives 

Being married to a farmer isn't always glammed up like most women think. Why do I say that? 


The time of year when farm wives and girlfriends become almost like a widow. We spend a lot of time alone and a lot of women tend to get to such a depressed state. Some get so depressed and lonely that they end up pushing the farmer away. Don't be that type of wife/ girlfriend. I've made it through a few planting and harvesting seasons now and I have finally gotten the hang of it. Want to know how I survive the planting season? 

The Reality of Things:

Your man is out there. He's working his butt off. He isn't with any other girls so you don't have to worry about that. If he truly cares about you and only you then he is thinking about you all day while he plants. Sort of. If your farmer is anything like my farmer he is strictly business. 

The reality of the planting season is a bit foggy to many newcomers.. Well, dusty..
Dust. That right there, is the reality! 
When the Farmer is done at the end of the day, his beard is covered in a layer of dust, his clothes, legs and feet are almost a black because of the thick layers of dust. 

I went riding with him yesterday which I do when I'm not working and I wore my shorts. I didn't get out of the tractor at all from 10:00 a.m. -9:00 p.m. except twice to use the bathroom. My legs were covered in a layer of dust . 

So when I got home, I went straight to the shower and as soon as the water hit my legs the water in the shower floor turned black. That right there is only part of the reality of this lifestyle. 

The Farmer pouring peanut seed into the planters.
The other thing is that you'll need to not only be prepared for long days by yourself but you also need to stay busy. I garden, work just about 24/7, blog, sell soap that I make, read, text friends, shop, and plan stuff like chicken coops, summer projects, vacations, my wedding, honeymoon etc. 

That's enough to keep anyone busy. 

You have to have something to keep you occupied or you may begin to overthink, worry, bug him etc. I used to do that every planting and harvesting season. Now I just try to stay patient but he does get the occasional call where I just try to find something to talk about. Like today, I called him just to say the house we liked sold. It could've waited till tonight. But I just wanted to talk to him. 

I know you miss your man but you have to let him work, so find something to do and tell him all about it when he comes in late. 

Which brings me to my next point, it'll probably be pretty late when he gets home. He will more than likely be exhausted and just want to lay in his recliner and sleep. What should you do? Keep his plate of dinner in the fridge until he's ready for it, then microwave it. Until then, let him sleep. He can't nap while driving the tractor so let him catch up on some Zs. 
Peanut Seed and My Farmer 

Tools you need to have on hand

Now that you know what to expect you need to know what you should have with you when you're on or off the tractor. I get to go occasionally to ride the tractor. It was all the time before I got my job but now that I'm working he's solo. Anyway, when I ride the tractor I know it'll be all day and the day begins when the sun rises so the night before, I always get my bag ready. I usually have a book, some snacks, a drink, and a lot of subjects to talk about in my head.
The Farmer likes to hear ghost stories from all the places I have traveled. His favorite that I tell is the story behind the "waving girl statue" in Savannah.
But every man differs so take what you need from this list:

On the tractor:

  • A bag: Place it between the buddy seat and his, if that's not an option, place it at your feet but keep it out of his way when he needs out. 
  • A book: A book can keep you quiet while he works or can give you many topic to talk about. 
  • Snacks: Snacks and drinks will keep you busy too. Not to mention happy and satisfied till dark. 
  • Phone: If your field gets service (which only two or three of his farms do) then you're in luck and can search on Facebook, Pinterest Etc. 
  • Car Charger: Phone died from too much surfing? BAM! No worries, we have a car charger! 
  • Laptop: My Chromebook is perfect for things like this. If you love to write, then you'll love to have your laptop handy because trying to write with a pen and notebook is close to impossible on a tractor especially in a washed out field. 
Off the tractor: 
  • Read a Book. Keep yourself occupied with reading, you can tell him all about it when he gets home tonight! 
  • Watch TV.
  • Get a job. This will definitely keep you occupied! 
  • Get some animals to care for. We have ducks, chickens, cows, dogs etc. They'll definitely give you plenty to care for and they offer hours of interesting fun by just watching them! 
  • Plant a garden. Planting a garden will not only give your family food but you could also sell extra veggies and fruits at the farmer's market for some extra cash. 
  • Learn to sew. Sewing can be a useful thing to learn when your hubbie comes in with ripped jeans. Getting on and off a tractor all day will definitely put some wear and tear on blue jeans after awhile. 
Still need some company? Need something to keep your mind occupied? Keep on reading here on Lady of the Farm! Comment and tell me how you keep busy while the hubbies are away! 

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