Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Oh, you know, just another happy customer for Walker Farms!

Walker Farms got a wonderful compliment the other day! I was stalking through The Farmer's Facebook page for the Waycross Location. When I noticed a new comment on one of the posts. Of course I told the farmer after I read it. It said, 
"I stopped in Tifton in the drizzling rain on Thursday on my way home to Charleston, South Carolina. A young lady greeted me and told me about the watermelons and how sweet the cantaloupes were. I picked 2 cantaloupes and 2 Watermelons (Wish I had bought more). As I drove home, the sweet smell of the cantaloupes filled the car. My wife, son and I had them this morning for breakfast. I have been a Professional Chef for over thirty years. These are the sweetest cantaloupes that I have ever eaten. THE BEST!!! Even my two dogs couldn't resist them. I plan on using the Watermelon at a church dinner this evening. Thank you Walker Family for being American Farmers and for all the long hours that you spend in the fields. God Bless you and your family. Happy 4th of July!"
Let me be the one to tell all of our customers, we enjoy your feedback! The good and the bad. We want to make sure that you all have a wonderful experience when you come to get your food from Walker Farms! Be sure to let us know what you think of our produce (and cattle) on our Facebook Pages or email us! Have a wonderful day! 

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