Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pray for Rain!

I sat on the tractor today while watching the farmer irrigate the corn. I enjoyed watching but I know there is a large problem here. We need rain, desperately! 

While I sat there watching the water spray out over the corn I noticed a rainbow shining over the tractor where the water had just sprayed out. I snapped a quick picture of it then looked towards where the end of the rainbow was. Halfway expecting to see a "pot of gold". But what I saw wasn't a pot of gold, but something close to it through the eyes of a farmer.

I saw an ear of corn, the husk was pulled down a little at the top and shining through was a beautiful bright yellow ear of corn. Hopefully all of the corn will be that good!
Another thing God has done in the past two days is bring up the price of cotton, I don't know much about stocks, the prices of cotton and stuff like that but from what I understand him to say is that cotton went down when they began to plant it, so much so that he thought they'd get close to nothing for all of their cotton. Well as of today the price jumped back up so the whole game has changed. The cotton is back in business.

 I think. 

The last thing that has happened in the past two days is that the farmer and I found a home! It's a mobile home, very large and spacious and in our price range. We haven't bought it yet because we are trying to get our ducks in a row first but I have been staring at the photos of the inside all morning trying to picture how I could fix it up and make it into my own little farm house.  

Yes, even a mobile home can be turned into a beautiful farmhouse. 

Check out my Pinterest Board of my house inspiration for a sneakpeek at what our home will look like! Be sure to also like my Facebook page, "Lady of the Farm"!

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