Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Farm Fresh Eggs, Are They Ready to Eat?

Photo Credit: csjnewsworld
A couple days ago, the farmer told me to walk with him to see Abbie, his boykin spaniel. So we are walking through the back yard to where her pen is and something catches my eye. "Oh hey! Look!"

The Farmer looks over and goes, "Oh yeah, chicken eggs." Then he walked on. Me, on the other hand, I stood over the little nest for a few more minutes. There were some tan eggs, some creme colored eggs and even a couple blue-green eggs. They were so pretty! I couldn't help but to daydream about finding a nest at our future house, gathering the eggs and bringing them in for a meal or something. Or maybe even putting them in the incubator and hatching out sweet little baby chicks and selling them for other people to enjoy eggs.
Which brought me to my next thoughts, "Is there anything special you should know before you just throw those fresh eggs in a skillet?"

Tea Towels: The Entire Story

Photo Credit: Kitchen Linens Picture
How many of you really know what a tea towel is? What about how they’re used? Let’s go back in time, all the way back to the 18th century in Victorian England. Tea towels are used by the ladies of the house who loved to polish and clean their tea sets and fine china. They didn’t trust the servants because they felt their china and delicate dishware would be broken or dropped. They didn’t trust it in the hands of their supposedly clumsy servants. So, tea towels became popular then once the ladies of the house got done and had nothing more to do, they would embroider their towels so they would have something to pass down to through the generations. Want to know more about these lovely creations? Continue reading to find out more about these tea towels and to get a list of ways you can use them other than polishing your tea sets!

Our House

Our house is finally on the lot that we will be living on! The movers are working on getting it all put together today. I'm so anxious to get in there and begin decorating and remodeling. We already have our painter who is going to paint our entire house. My friends and I are going to do most of the cleaning up around the house and my farmer is going to be working on the big remodels.
I can hardly wait! Just thinking about it gets me so excited! 

It's such a nice house, it needs work done but right now, it's the size and the layout that matters. You can't change size and layout but you can change the wallpaper and fix the floors. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Another Life Event Added to Our Story

August 25th, 2014 is when our story began. We had many ups and downs our first year together but no matter what happened or where life took us we stood by each other. We’ve had many memorable life events since then and tomorrow we get to add one to the list.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Perks of Marrying a Farmer

Perks of Marrying a Farmer 

Some people go, "Why on earth would you want to marry a farmer? You'll be broke your whole life!" 
You probably have some amazing guy on the line who is a farmer right now and he probably has asked you to marry him or you're talking marriage or something like that. Don't give up on him though because there are some major perks to marrying a farmer!
Ready for these awesome perks?

Becoming Amish: How to bring Amish Values into your life

Photo Credit: Wikipedia
What are the fundamentals of a good family farm? I asked myself that last night as I watched a documentary on the Amish. The farmer thinks i'm crazy and have fell on my head but whatever they have, they've got it right. The amish know how to take care of family, business and how to run a successful farm. They live modest lives and enjoy time with their family instead of having their noses in their phones all the time. 
I joke with the farmer all the time that I wish we were amish. (That's usually where he goes, "Adrian, have you been watching amish shows again?") 
So I decided to do some research, as usual. 
Here is how we can change our lives to better reflect amish values: