Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Becoming Amish: How to bring Amish Values into your life

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What are the fundamentals of a good family farm? I asked myself that last night as I watched a documentary on the Amish. The farmer thinks i'm crazy and have fell on my head but whatever they have, they've got it right. The amish know how to take care of family, business and how to run a successful farm. They live modest lives and enjoy time with their family instead of having their noses in their phones all the time. 
I joke with the farmer all the time that I wish we were amish. (That's usually where he goes, "Adrian, have you been watching amish shows again?") 
So I decided to do some research, as usual. 
Here is how we can change our lives to better reflect amish values: 

Grow your faith. One thing that the Amish do that many of us should do is that they spend their lives doing a sevrice for God. They pray daily, read and study the bible, attend church services and use the bible as their guidebook. 
Dress modestly. You can't parade your "teehees" or "hoohahs" around and expect to be modest. Just some nice clothes that cover EVERYTHING up will be fine. 
Learn to do things. Sewing, cooking, working farm equipment etc. You never know when you may need to help farm, sew a button on pants, or cook some food! 
Save, Save, Save! Save money, electricity, food, everything! Have fruit trees? Can the fruit! Make preserves! Have some leftovers? Use it to make another dish for tomorrow. Save your electricity, turn those lights off and light a few candles! If you're like me and you usually forget to blow them out then use the flameless flickering candles. 
Garden. Keep a garden in your yard so you can go get vegetables and fruits to serve to your family. There's nothing like growing your own food then serving it on a platter.
Take care of animals. Whether you have a cat, dog, pig, goat, fish, cows, etc. take care of them. Be responsible for them! 
Wake up early. You can get more done during the day if you wake up early. Not to mention you'll feel better once you get used to it. 
Work Hard. Work hard and appreciate what you have. You've worked har dfor what you have so know in your heart that it's yours but treat it like it's the Lord's. Clean your home, manicure your yard and keep your farm cleaned up. 

Want to know how to keep your farm running good? Keep on reading! 

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