Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Farm Fresh Eggs, Are They Ready to Eat?

Photo Credit: csjnewsworld
A couple days ago, the farmer told me to walk with him to see Abbie, his boykin spaniel. So we are walking through the back yard to where her pen is and something catches my eye. "Oh hey! Look!"

The Farmer looks over and goes, "Oh yeah, chicken eggs." Then he walked on. Me, on the other hand, I stood over the little nest for a few more minutes. There were some tan eggs, some creme colored eggs and even a couple blue-green eggs. They were so pretty! I couldn't help but to daydream about finding a nest at our future house, gathering the eggs and bringing them in for a meal or something. Or maybe even putting them in the incubator and hatching out sweet little baby chicks and selling them for other people to enjoy eggs.
Which brought me to my next thoughts, "Is there anything special you should know before you just throw those fresh eggs in a skillet?"

The answer I found was, "It's really up to you." 

You could eat the egg straight from the chicken with droppings and all, or if you're like me and that makes you a little squeamish then you can take sandpaper and gently sand off the chicken poo and dirt. The less rinsing, the better. 

"What? Did you say rinsing is bad?" 

The way eggs are designed, which is alot more complex than you think, if we rinse fresh eggs in cold water it acts like a vacuum and brings in bacteria from the porous shell. The bacteria seeps into the egg which can make you sick. So really and truly, sandpaper will probably be your best bet. 

But there's other ways to clean your eggs besides that, that's just the way I think would be healthiest. 
There is a way to sanitize your eggs with bleach but putting my eggs in bleach just doesn't sound healthy at all to me. Seems to me that the eggs would get some of the bleach inside the shell. 

Anyway, how do you clean your farm fresh eggs?

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