Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Our House

Our house is finally on the lot that we will be living on! The movers are working on getting it all put together today. I'm so anxious to get in there and begin decorating and remodeling. We already have our painter who is going to paint our entire house. My friends and I are going to do most of the cleaning up around the house and my farmer is going to be working on the big remodels.
I can hardly wait! Just thinking about it gets me so excited! 

It's such a nice house, it needs work done but right now, it's the size and the layout that matters. You can't change size and layout but you can change the wallpaper and fix the floors. 

Our house has 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. But that's going to change once we save up some more money. They took the garden tub out of the master bath, they were going to replace it but never did. There is a beautiful wood burning fireplace in the livingroom and a long galley style kitchen leading up to the diningroom. The dining room has two large windows at the end so we can eat breakfast and watch the sun rise! Literally! Our front rooms will face the sunrise and our back rooms like the bathrooms and two extra bedrooms will face the sunset. 

Now, our two extra rooms. Eventually, yes, they will be our kids rooms but until then we have decided to use them as guest bedrooms and of course, you know me, I just have to have a little office in one of them. So my desk will be going into whichever one has a little extra room. 

So the question is, "Would we ever do this again?" 

and my answer is, "Please, no." 

Buying a mobile home, having it moved, set up, painted, remodeled, electricity, permits, A/c, unexpected problems, etc. is SOOO expensive. My bank account will be crying after this year. I still have a groom's cake to finish paying for, and can't forget the ring I haven't even began looking for. 

My mom sat me down one night and told me that I don't have to have an HGTV home as soon as I get in. She knows me too well. I told my friends that my goal is to have a mobile home that is HGTV worthy. One day, when the farmer and I build our home that we will retire in I will have accumulated so much decor that it will be HGTV perfection. 

But until then, it won't hurt to dream, right? 

I created a registry at Walmart, but then last night I was online looking for decor places to make a wish list so I could buy whatever isn't bought through showers and wedding gifts. I found so much beautiful stuff on in the Sale section. It's all so cheap too! Go to the Sale tab, order it by price 'low-high', then feast your eyes on the most gorgeous, cheap decor for your home! I even found a full bathroom set for $7.00! So I added my picks from that website to our registry. 

NOTE: No one has to buy from the registry, it's just a list of things I like and whatever isn't bought after the wedding, I will be buying overtime. So don't feel pressured at all to buy from the registry. 

You can find our registry, our story, photos of us, and more by clicking here and going to our wedding website.

My house theme is going to be vintage farmhouse themed. 

Basic, right? Ha! 

Well, let me go looking for more house stuff, ciao! I will be updating y'all once the house is ready to go into.


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