Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Perks of Marrying a Farmer

Perks of Marrying a Farmer 

Some people go, "Why on earth would you want to marry a farmer? You'll be broke your whole life!" 
You probably have some amazing guy on the line who is a farmer right now and he probably has asked you to marry him or you're talking marriage or something like that. Don't give up on him though because there are some major perks to marrying a farmer!
Ready for these awesome perks?

  1. You'll never go hungry. Whether he's bringing in corn from the field, hunting in the woods or butchering a cow you'll never starve. He will always provide you with some form of food! 
  2. Nighttime Rides. At nights, you can have short car rides to go to sleep while he's checking on fields or cows. When I was little my grandparents used to ride us around while we drank chocolate milk until we fell asleep. It's nice having something like that as a memory. 
  3. Romantic Date Nights. Okay so maybe my idea of romance is a bit "out there" but I think it's so romantic when the Farmer tries. Like one year we curled up in the bed of the truck in the fields and watched the stars. Another year we sat watching gators in the moonlight while sitting by the pond.
  4.  His Buddy Seat is Reserved. That's right, you my fair lady. You have the buddy seat. That small hard as a rock seat is all yours. You get to lay back with your feet kicked up and talk to him for hours while he works. 
  5. Tractor Picnics! Remember what number four says? Right. Well, you'll probably spend some nights eating dinner from that rock hard seat while feeding your farmer. 
  6. You'll learn to appreciate. You'll learn to appreciate your man, the fields, the rain, God, other farmers, the crops, everything! You become a more positive person because you have no other choice. You have to be strong for your man. 

Go out there now and say yes to your farmer. There's plenty more perks to being a farm wife but for now, you just have to run with this and trust me :) 

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