Tuesday, September 6, 2016

In My Cup: Green Tea & Honey

The Farmer & I have been so busy working on the house.
In a two week period we have gotten the rotted flooring replaced, the walls washed, kitchen disinfected, trim put back up, flooring in living room leveled and put back in, a/c fixed and turned on, electricity turned on, paint colors picked out and as of right this moment we are waiting on the painter to arrive to begin painting the living room & kitchen.

I haven't had much time to just sit down and write. Which is so depressing to me..
Anyway so I needed some writing prompts to kind of spark some creativity today. I went and got some writing prompts.

Today's writing prompt was "In My Cup..."

I looked down into my coffee mug and my green tea and honey stared back at me. Yumm. I used to not like green tea, my mom would drink it and when I first tried it, I thought it was disgusting.

But then, one day I woke up sick.

I had a sore throat, raspy voice, stuffy nose and I couldn't take it much longer. My mom kept nagging me, "Drink some green tea and honey. It'll help you.", "Adrian, drink this.", "Okay then, keep your sore throat."
I found myself in the kitchen later that night with my mug, a pot of green tea and a jar of honey from our friends at Griner Apiaries.  Here we go.
I poured the tea into my mug, and since I like sweets I poured honey straight from the jar and into my mug. Stirred it up, then viola!

Note: When pouring in the honey, start with a little, taste and pour in just a little until you get it right.

I drank the entire cup and by the last drop my throat felt so much better!
My sister also had a sore throat one day and I gave her a cup of my "sore throat brew" and after two big sips she was begging me for the recipe because her throat felt magically better!

So what are the benefits of green tea?

  • Excellent source of antioxidants. 
  • Burns fat and enables you to exercise longer. 
  • Prolongs your life. 
  • Lowers Stress! 
  • Reduces high blood pressure. 
  • Protects your lungs.
  • Prevents tooth decay and freshens breath.
  • Re-hydrates you better than water.
  • Boosts your immunity against illness.
  • Helps to preserve and build strong bones.

and that's only a few of the benefits that you can have from drinking this wonderful drink!
One last thing, it doesn't matter what brand of green tea you get. It's all good once brewed!

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