Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Saving Bacon Grease

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed
One practice that has been slowly dying over the years is saving bacon fat. Our grandmothers used bacon fat religiously.

For some reason, today I woke up with a burning question in my mind,

"Why do you save bacon fat/drippings? How do you do it? What do you do with it? What do you store it in and how long can you store it?"
So I began my journey to find my answers.

Why keep the bacon fat? 

Believe it or not cooking with bacon fat is actually healthier than most of the things we cook with. It is considered a "healthy fat". Another thing that makes any Southerner smile is that you can add it to your foods to make them have more flavor! It's like free seasoning, butter, and oil all in one! Who doesn't like a good deal??

How do you do it?

When you go to cook your bacon, place a wire rack in a baking sheet, place the bacon on top of the wire rack. Bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 20-25 minutes. Bake it until the fat is gone and the bacon is browned and crisp.
The bacon fat will drip down into the baking sheet.
Remove the wire rack and eat your delicious goodness.
Place a fine sieve over an airtight glass and pour in all the grease that's left on the baking sheet. Throw out the leftover brown bits that the sieve catches.

What do you store it in and how long can you store it? 

An airtight glass container like a mason jar is what many people recommend. We have an old pottery vase type thing that we used to store ours in. You can store the fat for up to a month. Back in the day, it was used so much that they just kept it in a bowl or can on the stove and it was used so much that it didn't have time to get old or go bad.

What do you do with it?

Many people use it for many different things. Some use it as the butter for pancakes, some throw a little spoonful in peas and butter beans to give it a meaty flavor, some use it for southern dishes like shrimp creole, and even scrambled eggs, some people also use it for popping popcorn just get some kernels and replace your butter and oil with bacon fat.

While researching about this, I came across a recipe that I must try!

Photo Credit: Maria Mind Body Health

A little bacon flavored mayo, anyone?

You'll need: 

  • 2 egg yolks
  • 3 tsp lemon juice 
  • 1 cup liquid bacon fat (not too hot) 
  • 1 tsp Dijon Mustard 

  1. Place the yolks in a small food processor with 1 tsp lemon juice and mix it all until it's well combined. 
  2. Turn the food processor on low and slowly drizzle the liquid bacon fat into the yolk mixture, drop by drop in the beginnign. If you put too much oil at once, it will seperate. 
  3. As you add more bacon fat, the emulsion will form and the mayonnaise will start to thicken and you can pour the fat in faster.
  4. Once you add all the bacon fat, mustard and add the rest of the lemon juice and taste your creation. Add sale to taste if needed.
  5. Store it in the fridge.
Enjoy :)


  1. Mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm. ........ Bacon. ...... This is amazeballs.

    1. Right?! You'll have to try that baconnaise recipe and let me know how you like it!

  2. I definitely need to this more when I cook bacon- and that baconnaise looks to die for!

    1. Definitely let me know how it is if you try it before me!