Saturday, October 15, 2016

Reasons to love Fall on the farm

Photo Credit: Tassels- Tumbler

Fall in love with Fall on a Farm! Sounds like an awesome tongue twister right?

We all know why so many of us love Fall, but why should you love Fall when you live on a farm?
Here are a few reasons to love Fall when you're on the Farm:

Photo Credit: Happy Vermont

  1. Doing chores in a hoodie. 
  2. Cool days and cooler nights. Down South it's super hot during the Summers so Fall is a breath of fresh air. 
  3. The smell of Peanuts and diesel in the mornings is pure perfection.
  4. The thought of hunting after a hard days work or hunting before the days work.
  5. Sunsets and sunrises on the farm seem to have a glow to them during the Fall. 
  6. The colors of the leaves is breath taking! 
  7. The sound the leaves and corn stalks make under your feet while taking a walk through fields.
  8. Less Bugs! 
  9. Bonfires and friends are what Friday Nights become. 
  10. Cuddling on the tractor in the mornings. 
  11. Feeding animals is more fun when it's 70 degrees. 
  12. Not sweating is always a good thing. 
  13. Being able to make it through harvest is the best thing. 
  14. After the harvest, the cattle buying and selling begins on our farm! 
  15. Being able to spend more time with our farmers. 

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