Wednesday, November 16, 2016

5 Benefits of Line Drying

When I was little we had an old clothes line hanging out back behind a shed in the yard. I don't remember much about it except finding it when I was about thirteen while looking for my skateboard. There were vines wrapped all the way up it, wild flowers grew at the bottom and honestly at first I thought it was a thing to hold the flowers up while they grew. Ha! Anyway, line drying clothes is an art of homemaking that seems to be dying down quickly. I've seen one of two up near the farmer's other farms that are further in the country but other than that, its quite rare to see a clothesline out back.

With the "move in date" getting closer and the farmhouse slowly coming together, I'm beginning to think of how we will do things around the house. Yesterday I spent the day packing, cleaning and doing laundry and honestly the laundry part was killing me. I had so many sheet sets to wash before folding them all up. If I had a clothesline I could've just hung them up and it would've been alot quicker.

The area the farmhouse is in isn't the most secure. People walking the streets make me nervous and people flying down the street going at least 80 mph make me even more nervous. So when it comes to things outdoors I don't want to have alot of nice things until I really get to knowing the area and the people in the area. So, what I'm thinking is using a clothesline for my sheet sets and the actual dryer for our clothes. It'll save on alot of time and electricity. Here are 5 benefits to line drying:

  1. Saves on the electricity. This is pretty obvious, if you're not using the dryer as much then you're saving a couple bucks. Especially if you hang out your clothing too! You'll really be saving alot. 
  2. Saves your clothing. Your clothes won't become thing or worn because of the dryer flipping them around. By saving your clothing you are saving money!
  3. Have family time! Kids love hanging sheets and small things like scarves, handkerchiefs, rags and socks, it's not a hard task and the kids will have fun hanging them up. They may even like hiding between the sheets.  
  4. Less chemicals. Have you ever left a shirt or hat somewhere where the sun hits it? I left a pink hat in the back of my car when I was in college for a couple months and when I finally decided to wear it I realized that it had faded on one side. Same thing will happen to your whites if you line dry them. The sun will make them brighter and fade out the stains. So, no buying alot of bleach! 
  5. Nature's own freshener. I've never noticed, but many people talk about the smell of line dried items smelling very good. I wonder if you have alot of flowers around if that will help the scents any. The fibers of the clothes or sheets absorb the smell of the area. We live on a cow farm so I wonder.... (I'll update you later to find out if the smell is good or bad on cow farms! :D)
Now that you know all about this crazy thing called line drying, how many of you actually do it? 

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