Monday, December 5, 2016

A Tour of the Farmhouse

Bella peeking under the bathroom door :) 
So many people are curious as to how the farmhouse looks, we are still working on it but here are some photos of our farmhouse. Our plans for the future include: Installing a chicken coop in the side yard, putting up a wooden swing in the side yard, redoing the cabinets in the kitchen, buying a garden tub for the master bathroom and small remodels throughout the house.  But until then, here is our home! 

My spoon holder (actually just a pitcher) and some candles! 

The sink, we put a pan in the sink to wash dishes.
 Not sure why, my grandmother wanted us to do that.
But it does help when washing the dishes. Our sink is very shallow
 so the taller walls helps alot! 

My pioneer woman measuring bowls, I placed them in the window
and they actually looked amazing! 

My view from the kitchen window.

I've moved the microwave since this picture was taken but I love
this part of the kitchen! 

The "baking station". I have my mixer, a cake stand, and my cook books
all on this counter. 

Our table and kitchen area :) 

Our china and flower pot! 

My soap dish and crocheted scrubbers.

Bella relaxing on the couch, she enjoys sunbathing. 

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