Monday, December 5, 2016

A Wedding & A Honeymoon

So, it's official. The farmer and I got married Saturday! SO now I can officially tell you that I have moved to the farmhouse and will be living on the farm. That means, I will be writing more and telling all about my adventures around the farm.

But since I have only spent one night there in the house I can only really tell you about our honeymoon. It has been so wild! But we ended up where we want to be. We had reservations at a small local hotel. Okay, motel. It doesn't deserve to be called a hotel. Anyway, for those of you who don't know, I am an assistant head housekeeper at a Days Inn. When the head housekeeper isn't there I check the rooms and make sure they're ready for guests.

So anyway, we check in and take our bags to the room. At first glance it seemed clean, a little dated but clean. So I went into room inspector mode.. and found something I hadn't prepared myself for.

Some small things I found were boogers on the shower curtain, patches of paint in totally different colors (like dark yellow paint patches on a creme wall), cracks in the ceiling and even a gap under the door big enough for a snake to come under. Then, I went to the bed.

I tore back the sheets and it was clean, I tore back the fitted sheet and there was hair covering the bed pad, I tore back the bed pad and looked at the mattress. Goodness. There was about 6 yellow stains all over the bed, all the size of a beach ball laid out flat. It was so disgusting that I got nauseous. I told the farmer not to unpack our bags. We checked on a price of another hotel and I went to the front desk and told the girl that I couldn't deal with the mattress thing.

We quickly packed back up and drove down the street to the Hampton. I knew I could trust them. I went in and told the guy I wanted the best room in the hotel and that I wanted to look at it before I paid. So I went to the third floor to a king bedroom. It has a livingroom with fireplace, bathroom with jacuzzi tub and a king size bed with two tvs in the suite. I walked back down and told him I was sold and to give me the papers.

This pampered pooch is very happy with the decision to leave the first hotel. Very. Happy.

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