Sunday, December 18, 2016

Communication is Key

Sometimes loneliness is God's cry for time with you. 

The house was completely still and silent on yesterday morning. The occasional sound of a bird chirping outside was all I could hear.
It was so nice and peaceful. 

The farmer had left for the day and the house was all mine. But it was a little eerie. 

Loneliness began to creep in slowly. 

Why was I getting so lonely? This was nice. It was quiet. It was still. It was peaceful. This was a rare moment that I needed to enjoy, but I couldn't. 

So I called the farmer which ended up in a worse mess than I could've ever imagined. He thought I was angry with him, which wasn't the case. He got upset and came back home from his family's home to check on me. Which wasn't what I needed to be honest. 

I know that sounds awful but let me explain first. 

I curled up into the bathtub before the farmer got there and something "spoke" to me. Something told me that I needed to pray about it. I began to pray when I heard the farmer come in and run to the bathroom and beat on the door. "Baby! You alright?" I just laid there. I was worn down completely. 

So I'm beginning to think that the feeling of loneliness is God's way of getting us to speak to Him. Because it has been a little while. I've been slacking on my prayers. So here I am telling you that I have to slow down. All these changes have kept me so busy that I have fallen down on my communication with God. Communication is key to all relationships. 

From now on, when times get rough and I get lonely, I will begin using the time to spend time with God. Telling him how I feel and just talking to him to keep me company. 

I think that's a good idea. 

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