Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Our first week of marriage

Marriage is the strangest thing. It is giving up everything that you've ever known to share with another human being. The farmer and I were talking the other day about how things are actually kind of peaceful and nice around our house. We don't have nearly the amount of issues as everyone said we would. But we have had some interesting run ins. Like for example, I have 3 new bras on their way here. Why does that matter? Because my favorite bra got caught up in "Abbie Lynn Boykin's" digestive tract. Yes, that's right, in our first week of marriage I am down one bra.

It has definitely been interesting this past week. When we went to Helen on our honeymoon we had every intention of saving a few bucks and staying at a tiny little locally owned motel. It was under our hotel budget and would give us more money to spend on fun things like shopping and eating out.

With me being a room checker at my hotel I knew what to look for and where to look. So we checked in and I began my inspection. Boogers on the shower curtain was my first discovery and although that was gross, I discovered something else even worse that turned my stomach inside out. So I continued inspecting.

My next discoveries included mainly maintenance issues like a crack in the ceiling that went all the way around the ceiling, a gap under the door that was about 2 inches wide, and a scratched up table top that looked like someone had lined up cocaine. All these issues, I could deal with.

But then, I had a problem.

I decided to check the bed. You know, where my body will lay all night long. I was searching for bed bugs. So I began stripping the bed, I got down to the bed pad and there was hair all in it, I could deal with hair. Gross, but I can deal. But then I pulled the bed pad back to reveal the mattress. My stomach gurgled. My eyes widened and I instantly became nauseous. 6 yellow stains as big as beach balls all over the mattress.. I looked at the farmer and told him to get up and put our things back in the car. Then I headed to the lobby.

I told the girl at the desk that I couldn't stay with them. I couldn't stomach that mattress. Just couldn't do it. She offered us a new room, discounts, free nights, everything but I kept turning them down and telling her I just wanted to go.

After we left there, we went to the Hampton Inn, a place that I trust completely. I walked in and said, "Please tell me you have a room available!" I was given a key to the nicest room in the hotel and did I say it was the nicest room in the hotel? A jacuzzi that took up half of the bathroom, a king size bed, a fireplace in the livingroom, two flat screen tvs, and an awesome view of the city. It was luxurious!

When we arrived back home, we moved straight into our farmhouse.

The Farmer's dog, Abbie sleeps near the foot of our bed. Abbie is  puppy and in the destroyer phase. The night we got back she had been chewing on my blanket so when I woke up the next morning I heard her chewing and whatever it was crunched. I jumped up, "Abbie has something!" The Farmer sleepily sat up, looked at the blanket then laid back down, "Blankets fine." I laid my head back down, "No, she was crunching on something. This was no blanket." So I get up to get ready for work and I look down, there's something rectangular, looked like a tag or something so I go to grab it and Abbie jerks it from me. So I throw my hand down her throat to get what I thought was a tag. When I get it out, guess what it is.. That's right, my bra. It's the part where the hooks go into the loops. Then I go "No, No, No!" I grab my bra and sure enough. Both straps and half of the bra was completely gone. I looked over at the farmer, "Ya dog is gonna be sick." Then I finished getting ready for work while he saw about her.

It has since been an adventure filled with cooking lessons, trying to keep a clean house and alot of planning. We have so much we need to do and no time to do it. Like we need to buy new cabinets and install them. We need a master bath tub and we also need alot more storage. I'm having to hide our food in a microwave stand for now because our pantry and cabinets are full of dishes. We haven't even unpacked our cookware sets! Anyway, it's been an adventure.

But now we are focusing on our little lot. How we can get the most from it and also we are working on our chicks. We have some in the incubator that are being incubated!  They're starting to show signs of life now!

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