Thursday, January 26, 2017

6 Cleaning Lessons from a Housekeeper

As many of you know my day job isn't being a stay at home farm wife.. That's right y'all, all these idealistic images you think of when you think of my days aren't true. I don't run around the farm playing with chickens all day.. (only half the day..)

I don't spend my days baking cookies and cakes..

I wish I did though. But until the farmer and I have kids I will have my town job. As many of you know, at my architecture job I was going through a rough patch. With two grandparents dying within three weeks of each other & the everyday stress of change orders, contracts, specification books and bid packets, I was a stressed mess! I realized that I needed to take a break one morning when I had a panic attack and my heart started palpitating. That's a very condensed and less complicated version of how I ended up working at a hotel as a housekeeper.

Being a housekeeper in general you will learn plenty of cleaning tricks and hacks. Many of them I use at home, of course my house is nowhere nearly as organized as that hotel but I try!

Here are a few of the things I've learned from working at the hotel. :)
  1. Know your weapons. Okay, so they're not exactly weapons. But I guess they could be used as.. Nevermind! Anyway, first rule is know what you're working with. Read the labels. See what you can mix and what not to mix. 
  2. Magic Erasers are your friend. Someone got us a magic eraser for our bridal shower along with a huge basket full of cleaners (very helpful gift if you're wondering). We also use magic erasers at work, all you do is wet it then squeeze out the water then wipe down your walls, baseboards, etc. At work I use them for scuff marks on tubs and baseboards. At home, I use it for our tub.
  3. Yellow & Green make the tub clean! You know those sponge/scrubbie mix where one side is a yellow sponge and the other side is a green scrubber? We also use those for tubs. They get off even the hardest of spots, soap scum, you name it. I love them! 
  4. Clean daily. I know what you're thinking, "What? Adrian! You're supposed to be making my life easier! Not harder!" I know, I know. But if you clean up just a little every day you will thank me in the long run. The hotel rooms are cleaned daily and still manage to get dirty, just think of how hard it is to clean your home once a month week. :) 
  5. Lysol EVERYTHING. Okay, I guess this is mainly me, we use Lysol at the hotel and I use it at home. Lysol the doorknobs, phones, toilet handle, remote, basically anything and everything you touch. The farmer was sick with a cold last week and while I did Lysol everything one day during his week long sickness, I should've done it alot more because now I have his nasty, disgusting, miserable cold. So Lysol EVERYTHING every chance you get, especially if someone in your home is sick. At the hotel, you never know what that person had that was in that room before you. 
  6. Make your bed correctly! At the hotel we make our beds like this *Fitted sheet, flat sheet, thermal blanket, spread* Which is how I began making it at home just to add that special hotel touch to the house, that's when I discovered I sleep better in a bed made like that! No wonder people sleep good in a nicely made bed!
 I will admit, I'm not the best housekeeper here at home, mainly because once I get home from cleaning all day I just don't feel like cleaning anymore. But here is a routine that I plan to start doing, you know, once I get the motivation and everything. ***Farmer gives me a lovely stare...***

  1. Make Beds. 
  2. Wipe down bathrooms. 
  3. Empty dishwasher.
  4. Throw in a load of laundry. 
  1. Dry/Fold/ Put away laundry.
  2. Load dishwasher.
  3. Take out trash.
  4. Sweep.
  5. Weekly chore.
Weekly Chore: 
Monday: Dust & Change Sheets.
Tuesday: Vacuum & Mop.
Wednesday: Scrub Toilet and tub.
Thursday: Clean mirrors and Windows.
Friday: Free Day! Enjoy a date night or a night in with the family!
Saturday: **Hardcore Clean Day**
Sunday: Free Day! Enjoy church, family and food!  

**Hardcore Clean Day Chores** 
  • Wipe down kitchen cabinets.
  • Clean oven, microwave, & fridge.
  • Wipe wall, doors, and baseboards.
  • Spot clean and vacuum furniture. 

Hope you learned a few helpful things from this, time for me to gather eggs and go back to being a farm wife! Byee! :) 

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