Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

So today starts 2017.

I went to church this morning, and now here I am in my office talking to what feels like myself sometimes, if you didn't know, I mean I am writing on my blog.. Ha! I guess that means my year will be quiet and peaceful, right? That's a funny thought.

Meanwhile, things here at Walker Farms have been anything but quiet. On Dec. 29, we had a chick hatch that I quickly named Nugget. The Farmer was joking around and called it chicken nugget, I liked it so much that it stuck. So after Nugget was hatched out we quickly got more! By "more", I do mean eleven! Yes, as of today we have eleven in "The Box" and about two or three in the incubator. We have many more coming!

Soon we will be selling them, I don't know how ready I am for that yet though. I know we are keeping the two silkie chicks (Nugget and the other one whose name I have not come up with). But the rest will be sold.

The Farmer just drove up! I watched him drive through the field. Speaking of which, today I needed some quiet time. You know how in the bible it says that Jesus went away from the crowd to pray? Well, the Lady of the Farm needs her quiet time too. So, I went walking. I walked all the way down the center of the field. The Farmer thought it was quite odd, his family probably thought I was having temporary insanity. But I just needed my own little quiet time to be with God. What we talked about, will stay between Him and I but for now, let's just say we had some serious meeting time. I guess you can say that's my New Year's Resolution, as it is every year, to grow closer to God. Why is it that every year I have the same resolution? Well, how close it too close to God? Exactly.

Today, in church, the pastor (the one who married the farmer and I) spoke of leaving things in 2016 and not looking back. Just continuing on forward. Well, what I got from it was that I needed to leave all my anger and pain in 2016. WHAT?! ANGER AND PAIN?? ADRIAN, WHAT!?

Yes, even I, the coolest and calmest woman in the world still get angry and have some deep pain. Wow, this post took a turn for the dark. Anyway, I guess what I got is that I needed to leave all that in 2016 and this year, 2017, start fresh. The Farmer and I had a long discussion about that yesterday and basically I rebelled against him and said it was easier said than done, which it is! But with God, my farmer and the pastor all telling me, I am going to have to try my best to start on a clean slate this year.

Anyway, it's time for me to make rotel dip for us. The Farmer has been craving Rotel for about two or three weeks, so on that note. IT. IS. TIME. :)

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