Monday, January 9, 2017

Southern Woman Ramblins'

What is it about this place that makes coffee in the mornings so much better?

It's almost like I have no where to go today and nothing to do so the coffee seems to taste better. hmm. Maybe it's just because I just have the time to enjoy it.

This morning I woke up early and began my day with coffee and blogging. I walked through the house tip toeing because my farmer was still asleep. I tip toed to my coffee maker and poured my cup of coffee then I came straight to my "office", which in all reality is just our guest room. Now, here I am, sipping on coffee and looking out the window.

Outside it just looks cold, I can only imagine how it actually feels. My phone says 31 degrees. Where did this cold come from?! A week ago we were having to turn on the air conditioner.. If it's this cold in South Ga, how in the world are people up north able to wake up and go places?!

The Farmer and I have been talking business, I told our chick buyers last night that the farmer and I are truly the most business orientated couple I've ever seen. That's really all we talk about. Well, at least we support each others crazy business endeavors.
I went with a full business plan to him one day. I laid it all out in a neat order and he looked over it. He began asking questions, some I addressed like I was a businesswoman and some I just stared at him like, "What was the question again?"

Normally I wait till the end to title the post, just so I can see where it actually goes. This one, I feel like it was possibly a big post of "ramblins". That's it. That's going to be the title.


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