Sunday, February 12, 2017

3 Unforgettable Valentine's Day Dates!

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3 Unforgettable Valentine's Day Dates! 

Don't have much time to plan? Need some quick date ideas? You've come to the right place! 

With my farmer's busy schedule and my busy schedule, Valentine's Day is just a day for us to do something fun together. But we always make time to do something as far as dates go. Here's a few date ideas that won't take alot of planning (mainly because I planned them out for you) and they won't take a whole lot of money!
  1. A Picnic in "Italy": Okay, so OBVIOUSLY I can't just pack my bags and run to Italy, right? This date involves a picnic blanket, a basket, cheeses, and a bottle of wine. Be sure to go to the store the night before and pick up grapes, maybe some sausage or other meat, a loaf of that french bread, baguette I think its called, and don't forget your wine and cheese (for pairing ideas on wine and cheese click here to go to an illustrated wine & cheese pairing guide.) Find a place either on your land or a private pond, maybe even a park. Lay out your blanket, play some soft italian music in the background and let your lovie come over. (I'd keep them in the car until you get all set up.) 
  2. Night under the Stars: Pretty self explanatory. Take a truck to a field (we have quite a few of those around here.) and place blankets, pillows, or even an air mattress in the back. After going to dinner in town, take it back to the country and lay under the stars. It's also pretty interesting if you study up on astronomy. I mean how romantic is it when you can point out the constellations and tell the stories behind them? My husband thought it was the coolest thing that I could point out Orion the Hunter and tell him the story behind him. He loves when I point out the big and Little dippers. 
  3. Romantic movie and fondue: Pull out that old movie, The Notebook or find something ROmantic on Netflix. Then pull out a pot and make some chocolate fondue. Have some strawberries, pineapples, marshmallows and other dippables on hand! You won't regret it! 
So take your pick! Here's three date ideas, want more? Check out my post 5 Farmer & Lady Date Ideas. Perfect for the farm couple! 

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