Sunday, February 12, 2017

5 Ways to Save Money Wherever You Are!

5 Ways to Save Money Wherever You Are! 

Want to save money? Want some insider advice? 

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Whether you live on a farm, in the city or anywhere in between, I think we can all agree that its nice to save a little bit of money. Right? 
  1. Make a garden. (Even if it's a bunch of small pots.) This is the best way to save on fruits, vegetables and herbs. Plant your own! 
  2. Buy eggs from a local farmer or get yourself some chickens! Eggs in a grocery store around here go for about what $3? That's $3 that you can save! ((In one of the chicken groups i'm in on facebook, someone said that eggs in their town costed close to $7 a dozen! THAT IS CRAZY! 
  3. Buy "Pantry Staples". Flour, baking powder, cocoa powder, etc. It last longer and you can cook more with one bag. Think of it like this, how much is one can of biscuits? $1.98? That's not bad. But you only get 8. Why not buy flour and a couple other things like buttermilk and butter and make 50 biscuits? Okay, I know you won't make that many biscuits but point is, if you buy a bag of flour it will add up to the same as biscuits, cake mixes etc. 
  4. Line dry your clothes or sheets. Okay, so I'm not one to be talking much. I don't really abide by this one. But I do line dry our "farm towels & rags". The towels and rags that I use for the animals, I keep it separate from my bath towels and washcloths. I wash them in a wash tub and line dry them so that I don't get our washer and dryer smelling like ducks or chickens. It saves on water and electricity. 
  5. Sew up your own clothes. Instead of buying a new shirt. Patch that old ripped one up. It's not hard to learn a few basic stitches that will help you patch up clothing. If you're really creative you can even create your own clothing. Kid's clothing is pricey. Why buy the same cute kid's clothes when you could make them? 

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