Monday, February 13, 2017

Things You Should Know While You're Engaged

Things You Should Know While You're Engaged

With my wedding being over and so many others getting engaged, I feel like I should pass on some of my new found wisdom. I may sound like a granny but this is all stuff I can honestly say I wish I had known. 

  1. It's YOUR wedding. Do it how YOU want! Don't let anyone (except the groom) tell you how, where, when and what to do for your wedding. If you want a destination wedding, go for it! Run with it! In the end, it's probably cheaper and you'll be more content.
  2. Do as much as you can yourself. Want some cute flower arrangements? Go by Hobby Lobby, buy some flowers, cut them and place them together. It will save you some money. 
  3. A year is perfect for an engagement. We were engaged on January 1st, 2016. We got married on December 3rd, 2016 and it was long enough. By November, I was contemplating running off in the middle of the night. 
  4. That first night will be the hardest. Some people move in together before marriage. Me and my husband, didn't move in together until the night of the wedding. We had spent all the time leading up to the wedding fixing and remodeling the house. The first night away from our families (and my dog) was the hardest. 
  5. Choose your girls wisely. Your bridesmaids will either make this time Hell on Earth or they'll make it a smooth and easy experience. Me, I was the bridezilla of my crew. Be easy on them because its stressful for them too but make sure everything gets done. Closer to the wedding I just gave up. I was ready for it all to be over so some dresses weren't fitted, but I had given up and was just ready to get married. 
  6. Don't spend a fortune on a cake. The cheaper of my two cakes was actually my favorite. Maybe because it actually was cheaper! Ha! 
  7. CHOOSE YOUR HONEYMOON DESTINATION CAREFULLY. I can't stress this one enough. OH. MY. GOSH. Yes. Okay, for those of you who don't know, my honeymoon was ridiculous. We had booked this inexpensive motel by the river. It had history of pretty bad reviews but the reviews began to pick back up. So I gave them a chance. It was a locally owned place and was cute. We checked in, paid (NEVER PAY UNTIL YOU ASK TO CHECK OUT THE ROOM.), and then I went to the room. I'm a housekeeping supervisor at a brand name hotel. I know what to look for and where to look. So I go into this room and I am immediately disappointed. Boogers on the shower curtains, cracks in the ceiling, a 2 inch gap under the door leading to the outside and the worse part, 6 urine stains the size of beach balls on the mattress. I almost threw up. I packed our bags back up and got Kevin to carry them to the car while I checked back out. I got a full refund but they kept a hold on my bank account which caused other issues. Which brings me to my next point! 
  8. Before leaving for the honeymoon, make sure that your bills are paid up and your credit card is clear of any major purchases. Basically if you have a $500 limit and the hotel is $400 and you expect to spend $200 on food. Just stop. No. Stop. Our situation was pretty unique. By changing hotels it screwed us up because the pee motel put a hold on my credit card that didn't go off until after the honeymoon. So my credit card declined in every store and restaurant. 
  9. On the night before your wedding, sleep with a eye mask on. I have one that has mesh beads inside that you freeze and put on your eyes. It works. It's amazing. It's the reason I didn't look ugly on my wedding day! 
  10. Pick the dress you like. I can honestly say, I have zero regrets on this one. I love my dress. It looks like a vintage lace dress. Fully lace overlays. It was beautiful. A few people asked if it was my grandmother's. Nooo. It was definitely mine. I have a vintage soul and that dress spoke to it.
So with all that said, that is just a little of my advice for all of you engaged young ladies. 

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