Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Scratch Recipe Project

Photo Credit: Farmhouse Touches 

My Journey with Cooking from Scratch

When the farmer and I got married I could cook about 4 dishes. They consisted mainly of spaghetti, ramen noodles, macaroni and cheese from a box and cereal. I was the WORST when it came to cooking. I still am from time to time. 
But one day he walked into the house and the entire kitchen was covered in white flour. Picture me in the center of the kitchen sitting on the floor watching my chicken timer with my apron on and my face, the apron, the cabinets, the floor and everything has a thin layer of flour on it. 

Can you see my husband's face now?

Mint Infused Honey

From the Garden: Mint-Infused Honey

Honey is a staple ingredient in our home. Sometimes though it gets kind of old eating honey the same way al the time. So what better way than to add a shot of flavor to your honey? This stuff is great for things like tea, (green tea especially!), for eating and for adding a minty-sweet flavor to desserts. 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Thanking God

Ever had a flat tire? Or maybe a leaky roof? Or maybe even lost your job? I bet the last thing you thought of was thanking God, am I right?

(I'll explain further down.)

Yeah, I think we've all been there. I'll crawl into this "Box of Shame" with y'all.

Can you imagine a world where everybody took but nobody "thanked"? It'd be pretty depressing. Imagine this, you let a friend borrow something. They bring it back and need to borrow something else. This cycle goes on for years but not once do they ever say, "Hey, thanks for ______________."

Feeling unappreciated yet? 

Monday, March 6, 2017

Homemade BBQ Sauce

Photo Credit: Godiva Girl
This past weekend has me feeling like I was run over by a very large truck. It was the weekend of the Rhythm & Ribs Festival, although I didn't go.. I worked this past weekend and when I say I worked, I worked. I'm actually beginning to dream of that hotel to be honest! Anyway, so I thought on it awhile and I'm going to give y'all my favorite BBQ sauce recipe since it was the weekend of the rib festival.

This recipe is amazing and you can use it for dipping stuff, rub it on your ribs or chicken, or even marinate your meats in it.

I cooked some ribs in it in the crock pot and it was incredible.