Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Sad Day on the Walker Farm

Top Row L-R: Claxton, Chip
Bottom Ro L-R: Nugget, The Gray One, Henny Penny 
 Last night was a tough night for me. Five of my favorite babies were taken during the night the night before. My sweet, gentle babies..
Yesterday I was off work. When I woke up I was having an allergic reaction to possibly dust or something of that nature. My head was woozy, my eyes were itchy, red, swollen, and puffy. When I stood up, I had to quickly sit back down. So I laid back down awhile. Before Kevin left for the day he said, "Adrian, go check on the chickens when you get up." I said okay, but I had checked on them the night before and they had plenty of food and water to last at least a day so I catnapped all day long.
Nugget at 2 days old
That evening, Kevin walked in. "Have you checked on the chickens?" I told him no and that I wasn't feeling well so I had been laying down all day. He went to check on the chickens then came busting in the door. "They're gone!" I sat up on the couch, "Gone? What do you mean they're gone?" "Nugget, Claxton, Henny Penny, the Gray one, and Chip. They're gone! Something got them!" I jumped up and grabbed my sandals. I was still woozy so I was stumbling out the door to the pen. When I got out there Kevin showed me where Claxton's feathers were outside of the pen, then Henny's and Chip's. Then we walked to the back of the pen and he pointed out the hole. Something had dug a hole under the fence, went in and got my sweet babies. It was about sunset so I began following Nugget's feathers. I walked through the field desperately hoping to find him, or any of them really. 
I stumbled through the dirt and tried to see far away but my eyes were still blurry and I had a headache on top of that. I prayed to God to let me just find a body, just to have some closure. I followed Nugget's feathers to a big pile of his feather's in the middle of the field then I didn't see any feathers after that. Kevin drove out to the field where I was and I got in the truck. I have never been so angry and upset in my entire life. How could it get MY chickens? MINE. Why the ones that I had raised up since they were in the egg? They were all so perfect in every way. Kevin told me that he was surprised at how well I was handling it all. I looked over at him, "You have no idea how many times my knees buckled when I was walking through that field and I just felt like dropping to my knees and crying my heart out." 
But I can't cry yet, I have a flock to protect. 

This morning I think may have been the hardest, no crazy crowing from Nugget or Claxton. Just complete silence. I dreamed that Nuggs had been hiding and came back with the others, when I woke up and went to the back door that's when I realized that last night was real. I stood there looking at the pen. It was so still and quiet. Something I wasn't used to. How could something dig into my pen and get them? :( I guess it's possible. But I have to protect my others no matter what. 
We protect our flock, then we can cry. 

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