Wednesday, May 31, 2017

THE COOP: " Where the Green Grass Grows"

Today I was feeding the chickens and I noticed them doing something odd. Which isn't actually out of the ordinary for them but anyway, it struck me as kinda odd. 

The chickens were stretching their tiny little necks through the holes in the fence as far as they could reach. Some looked like they were seriously struggling. I stood there watching them, then I realized that the reason these chickens were trying so hard to reach through the gate was that they wanted the long green grass. 

But there's one thing they must not realize... There is grass just as good, if not better, on the other side of the tree INSIDE their own pen. They're trying so hard to get what? One strand of grass? When they have an entire pen full. The front part of their pen is mainly dirt now, but it was once green lush grass. 

It got me to thinking... 

Do we ever think the grass is greener on the other side when in reality we don't see the green grass on our own side? 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Heat Stroke in Chickens

It's getting hot here in South Georgia. The heat is sticky, making everything including your clothes feel as if they're stuck to your body. 
So it's no surprise that these feathered babies are getting a little hot too. 

Okay, so before I tell you what happened, let me begin with why I was there... 

**We changed the locks on our house**

7:00 AM yesterday- The farmer tells me, "Adrian, I left the new key on your key chain." I mumble "okay" and then roll over.
4:00 PM- I come home from work and realize that the key is no where to be found on my key chain.


"Hey Sweetie!" "Kevin, didn't you tell me that you put the new key on my key chain?" "No, it's on your key THING." "Oh." "You're locked out, huh?" "Yup." "Well, I won't be home till about 7:00." "It's okay. I'll just sit out here and smolder to ash while I sit in the sun, it's fine."

>>10 minutes later<<

I'm sitting in the chicken coop and I notice that one chicken is huddled in the corner of the coop so I go get him and something isn't right. Something is seriously wrong. His feathers are fluffed out, he is acting lethargic and he can't stand or walk. I stood him up and he stumbled around like a drunkard then plopped back down.

I immediately began to think, "What could be causing this?" He was acting like he may be trying to cool himself off with his feathers spread like they were. "What if this chicken was having a heat stroke?"  I ran and grabbed my phone and looked up the symptoms of heat stroke in chickens.



Wings held from body

Not Eating or Drinking


Droopy acting - Lethargic

It will seem disinterested




  1. Cool down the bird. Place them in cool (NOT FREEZING) water. Rub it into their feathers, under the wings, and on the head. 
  2. Try to get them to drink water. You can put electrolytes in the water if you have them. Pedialyte is good for this! 
  3. Keep them away from the other birds until they're acting normal again. Keep them in a shady, breezy area. 
So what happened to my chicken? 

I placed him in the cool water and he seemed to be doing better. He was drinking a little bit of water and seemed to actually be getting a little cold, he started shivering so I took him out and sat him on a towel that I just happened to have in the trunk of my car. I couldn't take him inside because I was locked out so I sat there on the towel with him. Then I was holding him and his head tilted back. I thought it was strange so I just kept an eye on him. He did it again and ended up having a seizure. I placed him on the ground and he took his last breath with the last of the seizure. 

It was heartbreaking. I began reading where others had similar experiences with heat strokes and the only way to really prevent any of this from happening to your flock is by prevention. Make sure your feathered friends have plenty of: 

I got all my facts from Raising Happy Chickens, the advice she gives is great. I wish it could've worked out differently for my baby but I think I got to her too late. 😢

From the Garden: Tomato Soup

I can't help but laugh at my current situation. Women on my Facebook are always posting, "Load of laundry in the washer, dishes washed, the house is clean!" and here I am, sitting on my couch thinking, "Got a load of laundry on, dishes washed, and the house is chaotic." 
So here's the funny part... 

How many of y'all are surrounded by chaos at the moment but still seem to have everything under control? That is a trait I have yet to learn. Maybe that's an acquired trait that I haven't upgraded to yet. 

So the topic of the day is... 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Basic Buttermilk Pie Dough

Photo Credits: Minimalist Baker
In my journey to complete The Scratch Recipe Project, I learned that one recipe that will save your butt many times is having a good dough recipe.
Whether it be a chicken pot pie or a peach pie, you need a recipe that will give you the crust you want. I know, I sound like the crazy kitchen lady, right?
So I just happened to find this awesome recipe for pie crust in a magazine to be completely honest. I use it for the decorations on pies, the bottom crust, the lattice covers and whatever else I need it for. Check it out here! 😉

Scratch Recipe Project: Peach Pie

Okay, so y'all remember awhile back I started this "Scratch Recipe Project"

Here's my success of the week! 

Yesterday I went to our local Publix and saw a magazine called Southern pies and cobblers. Now, I'm not much of a pie person but heck, it had step by step how to's for pie crusts and all things "from scratch". Why don't I just TRY? I bought it and with intentions of coming home and baking a blueberry pie. BUT when I got home my farmer told me that all the blueberries from the produce stand had been sold, "ALL OF THEM!?" So I asked for the next best thing... peaches. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Bottle of Summer: The Best Poolside Drink

Photo Cred: [[Divas Can Cook]]

 Bottle of Summer

The best Non-alcoholic drink that you'll want poolside this year! 

It's been a hot and muggy day. I went outside this morning and the still heat in the air was enough to make you sick. I went out and watered/fed the chickens and Sunni, the duck and I fought gnats the entire time. Blowing hair and gnats away from my eyes was enough to drive me insane.

I filled up Sunni's pool with some fresh water so she could have somewhere to relax once it got hotter later on in the day then I brought her a bowl of mashed up strawberries. (I have realized that Sunni looks forward to a strawberry every morning. It began with one from our garden and now every morning she perks up when she sees me hoping I have strawberries.) 

Then I came back inside and began cleaning up the house. I got to thinking, "It is just so hot and gross outside. I sure would like some kind of Summer drink. But what could that be? So I turned on my 1940s jazz and washed dishes while trying to figure out what kind of drink I wanted. Y'all ever feel like that? You know you want something but can't quite place your finger on what it is? About an hour later, after the dishes were finished, it hit me. 

I wanted... *drum roll please!* 
Bottled Summer. 
"What in tarnation is bottled summer??"

Monday, May 1, 2017

Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes are one of the best Summertime treats. I can seriously eat a fried green tomato anytime of the day! It's one of those special "porch foods" that Southerners crave during those hot Summer evenings. 🍅
What's a porch food? You ever saw a southerner sitting on the front porch in the evening without having something to snack on? My point exactly. We will always have some sort of goodie beside us whether it be sweet tea, boiled peanuts or fried green "maters". 🍅
When I lived in my mom's house as a teen we had fried green tomatoes all the time during the Summers for dinner. They have this juicy, crunchy taste that is completely indescribable. But now that I am older and have my own house, it's up to me to make these delicious snacks. I never got my stepdad's recipe for the batter which I must say, I don't know how he makes it but it is the best! But here's my first attempt at fried green tomatoes. 🍅🍅🍅

Also, if you are around Tifton or just passing through be sure to stop by the Walker Farms Produce Stand and see if they have any green tomatoes. They are at the corner of Tift Ave. & 5th St. in the corner of the churches chicken parking lot. 🍉🍅🍎🍐🍓