Wednesday, May 31, 2017

THE COOP: " Where the Green Grass Grows"

Today I was feeding the chickens and I noticed them doing something odd. Which isn't actually out of the ordinary for them but anyway, it struck me as kinda odd. 

The chickens were stretching their tiny little necks through the holes in the fence as far as they could reach. Some looked like they were seriously struggling. I stood there watching them, then I realized that the reason these chickens were trying so hard to reach through the gate was that they wanted the long green grass. 

But there's one thing they must not realize... There is grass just as good, if not better, on the other side of the tree INSIDE their own pen. They're trying so hard to get what? One strand of grass? When they have an entire pen full. The front part of their pen is mainly dirt now, but it was once green lush grass. 

It got me to thinking... 

Do we ever think the grass is greener on the other side when in reality we don't see the green grass on our own side? 

Now i'm not talking just relationship wise because honestly, I wouldn't trade my husband for anything in the world. But what about our jobs? Our families? Our lives in general?

I am the perfect example of this. Before I met the farmer, I had wanted to go to college for historic preservation (preserving the old homes) in Savannah, live in an apartment above some stores, I wanted to work in a little antique shop or bookstore, drink coffee in a cafe every morning and end my days sitting by the river with a good book and pecan praline. I wanted to travel every chance I got and be almost like a gypsy just going wherever the wind blew me.

Then I met him.

It came to a point where I had to truly think, do I ditch my plans to be a little hipster kid in the city of my dreams or do I go hop on the tractor with this country boy and adapt to a new lifestyle?

(I think we know which one I took... but why?)

So, the Savannah plans sounded glamorous, right?

My best friend, Laura and I travel together. Well, used to. Our lives have gotten so busy that even a day trip to the beach has to be scheduled 3 months in advance, Ha! So Laura & I found ourselves staying in a hotel in Savannah and we went out that night for a ghost tour. I saw a new side to Savannah that night. One that had been hidden the times before. I rounded a corner just being nosey the night of our tour and I literally almost fell out. I grabbed Laura and hauled off back to the spot where we were told to meet the hearse... Yes, I said hearse... Of course, she was asking what I had seen and honestly, I hadn't known what I had seen so I peeked around the corner and homeless men were laying all over the sidewalk, I thought they were dead! Note that we are not in a rough section of town at all. We were in the tourist area of the historic district!
So we get in this hearse and we ride all the way around the entire historic district. It was almost like the safety of daytime Savannah had been replaced with the uneasiness of the unknown Savannah. You ever been in a situation where there is no obvious danger but you just have that "Uh-Oh" feeling? That is the feeling that Savannah will give you after a certain time at night.
When we got back, the farmer asked if I still wanted to go to college there and all and my answer shocked him, "No, I think I'll just stick around here."

Okay, back to the point. I thought the grass would be greener if I uprooted my entire life and relocated to this beautiful city but with some serious prayer and a little thinking, I found where my roots should be planted.

Maybe someday my chickens will realize that the grass is greener where they are. But until then, I guess I will just have to watch them struggle knowing that they are better off in that pen.

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