Friday, June 30, 2017

A Walk with Perty the Cat

So as y'all know, me and the cat, "Perty" enjoy taking walks around the farm. Perty is becoming my little farm buddy, she likes to follow me all over the farm. She tags along perfectly. 
Here are some photos from today's adventures: 

It just stopped raining so Perty and I decided to go outside and walk around the fields and the yard. While outside it began to rain again so I ran to the corn patch. I don't really know what I expected to accomplish since corn stalks are not the best shelter but it was better than nothing and I didn't feel like giving up on our little adventure yet. 

I looked around in the corn, 'Where is Perty?' 

That's when I saw her running back to the house to get out of the rain, "Perty!" 
She swung around as soon as she heard her name. She couldn't see me in the corn but she meowed a few times and it was almost like we were playing "Marco Polo: Cat Edition".  She finally found me and we waited out the rain in the corn. 

While we were stuck in the corn patch I decided to snap a photo of some corn I saw. Ha! You'd be amazed at how intriguing it is to someone like me to actually see food growing and developing right in the backyard. 

The rain finally stopped and Perty and I decided to resume our little walk by walking through the peanut field. Blossoms are beginning to form on the plants and with the honey bees being right across the road from our home, the plants are flourishing all over our yard... except for my poor rose bush. 😒

The rows may be a little crooked but I'm to blame for that one. When hubbs was planting I was on the tractor just a talking and then he looked back and went, "Ugh! Adrian! Shhh. Look what you made me do.." But don't they look pretty either way? 😂😍

Perty and I then walked to the chicken coop where I noticed our figs are starting to change to the brown color. (Is that how you would word that?) Because curiosity got the best of me I picked some off the tree and split them open. A couple was ready to eat and SO sweet! Some others were not so sweet and kind of bitter. I threw those to the chickens and then looked up how to tell when figs are ready to pick. 

I'm not much of a fig person but I can't help but try it. I mean, I've watched this tree since it was completely bare in the winter till now and it almost feels like I just have to try some figs, just because it's our tree. 

We also found some honeysuckle on our walk. I love honeysuckle. I love the smell of it and I love the taste of it. Honeysuckle is the sweetest tasting thing you'll ever have in your life. 
 I had always heard things about how it was sweet and you could actually taste it but I had never been shown how to. Heck, I thought you actually ate it. Haha! Thank God I didn't try that...

But then I asked my husband one day if he had ever tried it and do you actually eat the flower... after laughing a few minutes he finally showed me how you try honeysuckle. So I'll have to show y'all one day how honeysuckle nectar is eaten. 

Finally, when the walk was over I went back to my living room and Perty went back to her spot on our front steps. Back to the reality of being a wife and having wife duties to tend to. 

New adventures await us this weekend. 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

God's Blessings

I have a million different ideas for a new post on my mind but not a single one can form itself enough to place itself on this screen. Ugh! Anyway, tomorrow the farmer heads on over to Waycross to work at the farmer's market. I kind of miss working at the market, I used to work with them all the time. I love it when people come up and I begin talking to them on a different level besides, "Hey, how are you? Want some fruit?" Haha! 😂😂😂

So the other day I got to talking to this woman and almost the whole time we talked I just nodded and said yes and looked for a way out of the conversation then she said something that kind of stuck with me. Then it just so happened to show up in my bible study. "God's blessings are connected to our obedience."

Coincidence? Maybe. Do I think so? Nah. I like to think that God sends me small little messages like this that may look like a coincidence to an unbeliever but with a little faith, it is almost like a letter being sent by the Lord himself.

Let that sink in. 😚

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday on the Farm

Sunday on the Farm 

I've fallen behind showing y'all my photos from around the farm so now I have to catch up. 

These are some photos from one of my "Sundays around the Farm". I lost my camera about a week ago and I looked all over our house, all over the yard, and even in the coop thinking it may have fallen out of my pocket when I was working with the chickens. 

Then today I was sitting on the couch and I got this feeling to push back the couch. So I put my feet on the coffee table and push back the couch and there it sits. My pretty little Canon Powershot sitting right there. 

So here are a few photos that I never got the chance to post.

I took a walk around the farm one Sunday afternoon, the farm is so beautiful at sunset. Ponds, pathways, and sunsets are the perfect combination. 

On my walk, I got to see this lovely one. She was so curious about me. 

Earlier that day it had begun to rain, and after the rain passed the sun peeked through the clouds and shone down on the field in front of our little homestead. It looked almost like a little sliver of Heaven was coming down to the field. 

After the sun came back out, there was almost like a misty fog lingering in the air. It was beautiful to look out on. 

Of course, my farmer brings home whatever veggies he can find me! 

and I turn them into something new! Like my famous dill pickles! 

and tomatoes, well let's not even get started on how good my tomato pie is! Every time my husband brings me something, I do whatever I can to use every bit of it! 

So that's how Sundays on the Farm go! 😉 ENJOY! 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Homemade Blackberry Jalapeno Jelly

Homemade Blackberry Jalapeno Jelly

Southern Goodness on a Biscuit

The smell of freshly made biscuits fills the kitchen this morning. I opened the fridge and looked for the jelly. Some people use grape jelly but here on the Walker Farm, we use blackberry jalapeno jelly. 

Yes, you read that correctly. Blackberry Jalapeno Jelly. 

It's the perfect mixture to wake you up in the morning and get you going. It's just the right amount of sweet and spicy to really get you woken up. 
The best part about it? It's so easy to make! 

Want to learn how to make it? Just follow the directions below! 😁

Monday, June 12, 2017

Smells of the Farm

Today the farm has had a familiar smell to it. Ever since I was little I've associated smells with places. Like my pediatrician's office when I was little smelled like skunk. My dentist office smelled like minty gum. My school smelled like peach candy. My yard smelled like honeysuckle. My family's mountain house in North Carolina was no exception to this "smell memory" I had.
The farm in North Carolina is beautiful. It has a little cottage on top of a hill, a big red barn, a creek in the back yard, and plenty of places to explore. It has a peculiar smell to it. Possibly the smell of wild flowers and cow poop mixing but it's the smell that I have always associated with the farm in North Carolina. 

Today when I was feeding and watering the chickens I smelled "that smell". That smelly smell. The kind of smell that you smell in North Carolina. I took it in. Deep Breath. 

Maybe I was breathing in cow poop and God knows what but it took me back to North Carolina. It took me back to right after the rain falls and the mist is still lingering in the hills. It's so beautiful up there after the rainfall. 

Y'all tell me I ain't the only one that associates these smells with some place or time in your life! 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

From a Local: What is there to do in South Georgia?

Photo Cred: Ga Grown Trail 41 
The farmer is at the Wiregrass Farmer's Market this morning and since I decided to stay behind today I have gotten so much work done around the house. I managed to mop around the kitchen and the entryway to our home which was covered in so much dirt from being tracked in that my dustpan had a pile of sand! We live on a farm, not the beach! 

Okay, so here goes my newest post. 

What is there to do in this area? 

As most of you know, I work in a hotel (my "town job"), I'm the assistant head housekeeper. I check rooms, put them in as clean and I even clean rooms a few days. It's really not as bad as people think. I can tell someone I clean in a hotel and they go, "Ooooh." and I usually get that look. You know, "that look". But honestly, it's quite an interesting job. Anyway, when I strike up a conversation with a guest that will be in Tifton a little while they usually end up asking me, "So what is there to do around here?" To which my reply is a blank stare and usually a long silence before I say, "There are a lot of restaurants around here.." 

I know, I know. Good job promoting tourism Adrian... 😒 Yeah, I know. 
My excuse is that I live at that hotel and when I leave the hotel I come to a farm in the middle of nowhere. 

So I've asked around and here are a few of the interesting things to do in and around Tifton, Ga. 

Friday, June 9, 2017

Romanticizing Life

One night the farmer and I were riding backroads up to one of his farms. We came up to the railroad tracks. The train was coming through.

"Wanna know something?"

He looked over at me. "What?"

"I love trains. They're so romantic."

Kevin looked at me like I had done fell off the wagon and bumped my head a few times.

"Why do you say that?", he asked.

"I don't really know. I picture a train in the 1920s with hobos living in one of the cars and hopping on and off, taking life one step at a time. I have always romanticized things in life like that. That's just my thing."

When I was younger I romanticized a hippie-like lifestyle. I wanted to buy a Volkswagen van, wear elephant pants all the time, do yoga, sell art out of my hippie van and travel all up and down the east coast. Then after traveling awhile, I wanted to live in a gypsy caravan in a field somewhere with friends all around me all the time.
Then when I began dating my farmer and things began to "get real", I began to romanticize farm life. (I adapt to my surroundings quite easily.) Which to a certain extent I still do.
I don't really mention the struggles that I face. The struggle of keeping a clean home while working a town job and balancing farm life, or maybe the small struggle of getting the smell of chemicals out of everything the farmer touches. (Which is my current struggle.) But anyway, I've always romanticized everything, I think that's what makes life more interesting. 😁  What do y'all think?