Saturday, June 10, 2017

From a Local: What is there to do in South Georgia?

Photo Cred: Ga Grown Trail 41 
The farmer is at the Wiregrass Farmer's Market this morning and since I decided to stay behind today I have gotten so much work done around the house. I managed to mop around the kitchen and the entryway to our home which was covered in so much dirt from being tracked in that my dustpan had a pile of sand! We live on a farm, not the beach! 

Okay, so here goes my newest post. 

What is there to do in this area? 

As most of you know, I work in a hotel (my "town job"), I'm the assistant head housekeeper. I check rooms, put them in as clean and I even clean rooms a few days. It's really not as bad as people think. I can tell someone I clean in a hotel and they go, "Ooooh." and I usually get that look. You know, "that look". But honestly, it's quite an interesting job. Anyway, when I strike up a conversation with a guest that will be in Tifton a little while they usually end up asking me, "So what is there to do around here?" To which my reply is a blank stare and usually a long silence before I say, "There are a lot of restaurants around here.." 

I know, I know. Good job promoting tourism Adrian... 😒 Yeah, I know. 
My excuse is that I live at that hotel and when I leave the hotel I come to a farm in the middle of nowhere. 

So I've asked around and here are a few of the interesting things to do in and around Tifton, Ga. 

  1. The Georgia Museum of Agriculture. This is where they have the Wiregrass Farmer's Market that the farmer is at right now. They have an authentic steam train that you can ride around the village. Village? What? Yes. I have to admit, the last time I went was in fifth grade on a field trip where we had to dress in full costume and "live for the day" in the setting of the 1800s village. They have a drug store, print shop, blacksmith shop, art gallery, grist mill, and a sawmill. That's not even all of it!  When I went, they placed me in the doctor's office for the day. That was interesting! They also have a gift shop, so if touristy souvenirs are your thing like it is mine, you'll love that place. 
  2. Downtown Tifton. Like shopping? Theatres? Food? Then you'll like downtown Tifton, you can find antique shops, clothing stores, restaurants (41 & Main being one of my favorites), and you can find the Tift Theatre, they offer live shows throughout the month.
  3. Festivals. Tifton is famous for festivals. When it was time for the Rhythm and Ribs BBQ Festival we were sold out at the hotel! SOLD COMPLETELY OUT.  We have everything from the Folk Life Festival to the La Fiesta del Pueblo. 
  4. Need a break from the hustle and bustle of life? Go to Fulwood Park & enjoy the scenery. Run by one of the local restaurants and get some lunch to-go then head on over to Fulwood Park to enjoy lunch under the trees. It's a beautiful park complete with stone bridges, play areas, picnic areas, it's beautiful! You just have to visit it! 
  5. Want the ultimate Southern experience? Then check out the Georgia Grown Trails: There's two of them, one is Trail 37 which travels along US 41/341 & GA 37 and the other trail which is Trail 41 goes from Barnesville, Ga. to the Florida Line. You'll have stops along the way and when you finish, you'll have plenty of stories to tell! Not to mention, plenty of goodies to take home from the South! 
  6. Stop in Barney, Ga. to visit Burton-Brooks Peach Orchard. I talked about it awhile back in my post called, "Southern Small Town Gems: Burton Brooks, Barney, Ga."
  7. But before you leave town, check out Walker Farms. You can visit Walker Farms at one of their many locations and get some fresh peaches for the ride home. But be sure to pick up some napkins because the juice from our peaches will be everywhere when you get done! You know I couldn't go without supporting my own, right? 
So there you have it! A few things to do in South Georgia straight from a local. South Georgia has an abundance of small town shops, locally owned restaurants, and more! Next time you're visiting, skip the fast food chain and Wal-mart and head off the beaten path to somewhere you won't ever forget. 😉

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