Thursday, June 29, 2017

God's Blessings

I have a million different ideas for a new post on my mind but not a single one can form itself enough to place itself on this screen. Ugh! Anyway, tomorrow the farmer heads on over to Waycross to work at the farmer's market. I kind of miss working at the market, I used to work with them all the time. I love it when people come up and I begin talking to them on a different level besides, "Hey, how are you? Want some fruit?" Haha! 😂😂😂

So the other day I got to talking to this woman and almost the whole time we talked I just nodded and said yes and looked for a way out of the conversation then she said something that kind of stuck with me. Then it just so happened to show up in my bible study. "God's blessings are connected to our obedience."

Coincidence? Maybe. Do I think so? Nah. I like to think that God sends me small little messages like this that may look like a coincidence to an unbeliever but with a little faith, it is almost like a letter being sent by the Lord himself.

Let that sink in. 😚

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