Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ewww, snake!

Sorry but I seriously couldn't stomach a
picture of a snake. I'd rather look at the beach...
I kept telling myself, "Adrian. You need to get your lazy butt up and get something written up for Lady of the Farm, you need to go outside and do something worthy of a good read". So I grabbed on my boots and headed to the coop. I was almost to the coop when I stopped dead in my tracks. 

My heart skipped a beat... a few actually. 

There in the grass was the nastiest, ickiest snake. I stepped back about 5 million steps and watched him. I don't do snakes. It didn't look poisonous (the poisonous ones look mean). 

Then I notice someone else is watching him too. A few someones. My chickens are following this snake! They are following him, watching him very, very closely. The weren't pecking him or anything like that. Just watching closely, very closely. There were at least 10 chickens almost like escorting this snake out of the coop. The snake wasn't bothering them so I didn't do anything. Okay, I didn't do anything out of fear... 

Did I mention I hate snakes? 

It was a black racer this time, so non-poisonous but it sure gave me a startle. Last time I saw a snake it was a water mocassin and I was a lot closer to him. I was fishing and walking by the river when I felt something move under my boot. I jumped so high that I had to look like I was levitating. I did a dance over to my friend Laura who btw is about 100 lbs and 4 feet tall, I jumped into her arms screaming, crying and ended up having a full blown panic attack. Laura took one look at the snake and said it was a mocassin then we headed to get her gun, by the time we got back he had gone down into the river again. Ughhhh. The image of him just grosses me out and makes me shudder.  

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