Friday, July 28, 2017

These Boots are Made for Walking....

  I was following the farmer the other day when he was feeding his cows. I went to open the gate for him and under the gate was nothing but a puddle of water. Well, more like a hole.

I had on my boots so I just plowed on through it!

I opened the gate and as I watched the farmer drive the tractor through the gate I felt something on my sock. What...?

My sock felt soggy and wet. But how? The hole wasn't THAT deep!

I looked down at my boot, everything looked normal. So why in the world was my sock wet? I found a spot on the grain bin to sit and I took off my boot and sure enough, right there on the side of my boot was a small worn spot that had turned into a hole.

"Where'd that come from?!"

So after we got home I sat there staring at my boots and thinking about how I will have to buy a new pair. It's kind of sad, to be honest. Me and these boots have been through a lot.

It all began at Belk right after the farmer and I began dating. I had ruined a few pairs of shoes by stepping in poo on the farm so I decided it was time for boots. I found these on sale for 19.99 at Belk.

I saw some boots with lace ribbons on Pinterest and I wanted some like that, but my wallet said, "Naw girl."

What do you do when you can't afford something? Customize it of course! I used my pocket knife to cut some slits around the top. Then I laced a ribbon through the slits all the way around. Gosh. These boots and I have seen so much. From planting season all the way to harvesting season. My boots have seen me walk through fields, through mud, through sand, and of course chicken coops! I'm going to miss them, but of course, until I get a new pair I will just have to keep on wearing them. 😉😍


  1. I lived in the PNW for a few year and really could have used these boots while I lived there!

    1. I'm amazed that they've lasted this long! Can't wait to get some new ones, but I'll miss them so much!