Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Making of a Southern Farmhouse

The Making of a Southern Farmhouse

When the farmer & I were thinking about getting married we both agreed that a classic Southern farmhouse was the only option for us. Since I had background in design and decorating I told him to get us whatever kind of house he could and I could do the rest. I told him many time that he could buy us a cardboard box and I would have it looking like a farmhouse with some time and paint.

Then I got the call that changed our lives.

Kevin called one day and said, "I just bought us a house." Many women would be upset that they didn't get to see it before he bought it but I knew that however it looked, whatever condition it was in, I could rock it. I've helped contractors & clients in the remodels and renovations of DISASTERS. One of my old clients actually threatened to sue me if I showed her kitchen in any of my portfolios. Anyway, I said, "Okay, when can I come see it?" A couple weeks later the family had moved out and the house was ready for me to see what I was working with.

I walked into a lime green living room.

My stomach did a flip but I took a deep breath and continued my tour through the home. Leaf wallpaper in the kitchen, cabinets falling apart, holes in walls, rotting laundry room floor, holes in ceilings, it was a mess but not nearly as bad as some of the places I've helped redesign. So, I started planning. I spent many days standing in front of the paint section at Lowe's and buying the $3 paint samples (which seriously come in handy when doing crafts or touching up the walls).

Here's a few examples of the transformation the house went through those first few months: