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The Making of a Southern Farmhouse

The Making of a Southern Farmhouse

When the farmer & I were thinking about getting married we both agreed that a classic Southern farmhouse was the only option for us. Since I had background in design and decorating I told him to get us whatever kind of house he could and I could do the rest. I told him many time that he could buy us a cardboard box and I would have it looking like a farmhouse with some time and paint.

Then I got the call that changed our lives.

Kevin called one day and said, "I just bought us a house." Many women would be upset that they didn't get to see it before he bought it but I knew that however it looked, whatever condition it was in, I could rock it. I've helped contractors & clients in the remodels and renovations of DISASTERS. One of my old clients actually threatened to sue me if I showed her kitchen in any of my portfolios. Anyway, I said, "Okay, when can I come see it?" A couple weeks later the family had moved out and the house was ready for me to see what I was working with.

I walked into a lime green living room.

My stomach did a flip but I took a deep breath and continued my tour through the home. Leaf wallpaper in the kitchen, cabinets falling apart, holes in walls, rotting laundry room floor, holes in ceilings, it was a mess but not nearly as bad as some of the places I've helped redesign. So, I started planning. I spent many days standing in front of the paint section at Lowe's and buying the $3 paint samples (which seriously come in handy when doing crafts or touching up the walls).

Here's a few examples of the transformation the house went through those first few months:

 I'm not a big fan of leaf wallpaper, some people like it, but I'm not a fan at all. I wanted the kitchen a light yellow but it took 6 coats to cover one leaf.  So I let the farmer pick a color, we got butterscotch. I hated that color. HATED it. But it covered up leaves nicely. We had a remodeler come in to do the painting and fix the holes in the walls. While he was busy doing that I was busy digging through storage finding whatever I could salvage for a vintage farmhouse.

Here was my original design for the kitchen:

I still have some of those plans for the kitchen, one day. 😉

Now, the livingroom. 

Those green walls were so not me. I am more of a gray girl with pops of colors. So I thought back to when I wrote for a design website back in college.  I wrote an article, "50 shades of Greige". That was when I had my love affair with the color greige. I fell deep for the color. So I searched out a color and found a winner. Looks light blue in the daytime and light gray at night. 

I got the paint and the remodeler painted the living room. I could’ve sat in the center of the room for hours after he finished. It was beautiful.

Here’s the original design of the living room I made, things fell together with the way I wanted them to so this design was kind of overridden by real life.

My grandmother just happened to be selling her home and needed to downsize majorly so she gave us her big furniture like her couches and she was going to give us her tv stand but I fell in love with my “accidental tv stand”. We were moving bookshelves into the house and I needed somewhere to sit the tv. So we placed the bookshelf on its side and set the tv on top. Threw some flowers and books inside the bookshelf and bam! We had a super cute tv stand.

Oh! Before I forget, I had to brag on my husband & father in law for helping to redo my laundry room floor. Remember when I mentioned the rotting floor earlier? Yeah, It was all the way through. Down to the grass. We tore out all the flooring in the laundry room, put in new wood and my husband & I bought those stick on tiles from Fred’s. You’d never know that our floor was a huge gaping hole.

The title of this post was “Making a Southern Farmhouse”, now that you know how we got ours and made it feel like ours, here’s how we added that Southern Farmhouse Charm to it.

1.) Antique chairs, antique dolls, and blankets made by my great grandmother.

2.) I have a few cake plates and when they’re not in use, I don’t set them on a shelf to collect dust. I use this one to lift things like soap and my sponges off the sink and it also serves as a good ring holder while I’m washing dishes.

3.) Vintage signs are a must! Especially if they have old photos or old sayings on them.

4.) I love this photo. It just brings my farmhouse to life. I bought it on clearance at Lowe’s.

5.) Of course, every farmhouse has to have one room for any guests that drop by for the night. What good is Southern Hospitality if you’re not hospitable? This is my favorite room in the house. My husband had no say so in this room. It was claimed from the very beginning by me. My sister & I painted it the yellow that I wanted for the kitchen. I moved in my old bed & some old nightstands that I had repainted and it all came together when I hung up the lace curtains.

However, you decide to pull your farmhouse together, be sure that you still include the biggest things: love, warmth, and hospitality. If you have those three key items then you’re farmhouse will be worthy of a farmer himself.

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